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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download software for RoomStatus?

No, RoomStatus is a completely cloud-based solution. It allows you to access every part of the hotel operation from anywhere, once you have an internet connection – from home, office or while on vacation - your hotel now goes everywhere with you!. You can access any of the modules via a desktop / laptop (recommended), tablet or mobile.

What’s included in my free TRIAL Period of RoomStatus?

You will have access to your full RoomStatus product during your free 30-Day period. If you would like additional services including integration with your room key systems, website API etc, we will be happy to handle them for you, relieving you of any and all stress.

Do I need to enter my bank card information to access the RoomStatus cloud system?

No, we however advise that you do a yearly payment rather than the monthly option. RoomStatus does not charge any fee during the 30-Day Trial period.

How much does RoomStatus cost?

RoomStatus presently charges $10 per month for subscription to the cloud system. Annual fee is $100 per facility. Website & online payment integration, RFID Key integrations are extras. There are no other hidden charges.

Is there a limit to the number of rooms?

No. RoomStatus is built to handle upto 500-room hotel.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, you can pay month-to-month with RoomStatus. Alternatively, RoomStatus customers can choose to pay annually and receive a discount.

What payment methods do you accept?

RoomStatus offers a range of payment options including bank card, direct debit, and bank transfer. We do not however, accept payments by cheque or cash. For more on billing and subscription, please talk to our Accounts Unit at accounts@roomstatus.uk

Is it easy to make the switch to RoomStatus?

Whether you are new to hospitality, moving from a manual solution, or switching from another hotel management system, we make getting started with RoomStatus easy. You can set yourself up quickly and easily online in under an hour following our easy onboarding processes. Or you can utilise the expertise of our dedicated onboarding team who are able to help you get started very quickly. Our full support team is always available to help you anytime you have a need as well.

Are there any setup fees?

No. RoomStatus does not charge any onboarding or setup fees. If you are using our onboarding specialist, you may incur a minimal setup-assistance charge to take care of our specialist logistics. Your sales representative can also assist without a charge. If you choose to onboard yourself, this will take anywhere between 10-40 mins depending on how many rooms and rate plans you have, as well as whether your property details (like photos) are easily available.

What do I need to get started with RoomStatus?

Setting up a new tech solution will always require a little bit of upfront work, especially for one which will help you manage your room rates and property information centrally. When set up, RoomStatus can save you hours a day while allowing you to effortlessly manage your bookings and hotel functions. To get started, you’ll need things like:
 – Legal business name
 – Nominated bank account details
 – Your Google business ID
 – Details of active online travel agencies (e.g. booking.com) your connected to – Access to your property data (i.e existing reservations, property photos and room rates) If you are setting yourself up online, you can always come back and change this info. If you’re getting set up with one of our onboarding specialists, they will walk you through all of these requirements.